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Your website for comprehensive medication reviews performed by a Medication Review Specialist board-certified in Geriatric Pharmacy.

Optimize Your Drug Therapy

Drug therapy analysis specific to your prescription and non-prescription medications, conditions, and needs.

Specializing in Senior Citizen and Elder Care

Medication information tailored primarily to senior citizens and the elderly in the community, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care environments.

In-Home Visits

Medication reviews, medication storage area reviews, and home risk assessments are available. Limited geographical area and variable cost. Inquire below or select the Home Visits tab above.

About BGS Consulting

William and Tammy Schlachter BGS Consulting is myself, William Schlachter, a board-certified geriatric consultant pharmacist, and my wife Tammy, an LPN with extensive long-term care experience.

In business for over a decade, BGS Consulting has provided services in a variety of venues, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, life centers, and private residences.

On many occasions, I have been asked to lead training sessions for healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors, dieticians, and others), instructing them on the correct application of various medications and how consultant pharmacists can help their residents.

Medication Regimen Review

What is a Medication Regimen Review?

I perform a comprehensive review of your medications using all your provided health information, including diseases, diet, age, labs, etc. Every medication is checked for appropriate use, dosage & dosage form, diagnosis, monitoring, and directions for use and need. The latest medical guidelines are used to evaluate your drug therapy.

What benefits can come from having a review?

I ask the tough questions, like "Is this drug really necessary?" and "Why are you taking this drug?" These are the questions most pharmacists will avoid asking your doctor. Many physicians are happy to see their patients attuned to the treatment regimens and on top of their drug therapy information. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of you being on a certain medication for a long time without reassessment.

I will perform a thorough evaluation of your drug regimen with the goal of promoting positive outcomes and minimizing adverse consequences associated with your medications. The review includes preventing, identifying, reporting, and resolving medication-related problems, errors, and irregularities with your drug regimen. This review is specific to your prescription and non-prescription (OTC) medications and treatments, taking into account your individual conditions and needs.

I will also look at the costs of medications and also overall drug regimen costs. Pill taking can be a time-consuming process. I try to streamline the process, reducing the time and inconvenience of taking multiple pills at various times throughout the day.

To see a sample review as provided to your physician, click HERE. (PDF Reader required)

In-Home Visitation

As long as you are within 100 miles of our location (Williamsport, PA), we can come to you! During this visit, we can see and hear personally about your situation, conditions, questions, problems, and not only make recommendations concerning your medications, but also include a review of your living environment in relation to your condition(s).

The geographical area for this service is limited and costs vary by situation. While in-home visits are not the cheapest of services, getting off an expensive and unnecessary medication can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you are interested in an in-home visit, please email us HERE for costs and availability.

Drug Information

If your require drug information concerning your specfic drugs, I can facilitate this information exchange. By informing me of your drugs and your specific questions, I can tailor information to address your needs. Please be advised that this not a medication review (see Med Review above). This is strictly for information regarding use, actions in the body, potential side effects, warnings, different forms (solid, liquid, etc), and drug interactions.

I can also include lists of other drugs in the same class that may be more advantageous, which you can review with your doctor.

If you are interested in learning about your medications, please email us HERE for costs.